Rachael Rothman Consulting

Capital Markets – Corporate Strategy –  Investor & Media Relations

Bespoke. Actionable. Timely.
Cost Effective. Results.

With over 10 years of direct industry experience, and nearly 20 years as an award winning sell-side equity analyst, Rachael is a recognized expert in the fields of hospitality, real estate, and capital markets. 
From first-hand on-site hospitality experience to roles in executive management, Rachael has served as a trusted advisor on financial, strategic and operational matters to key internal constituencies, external stakeholders, executive leadership, institutional investors, capital commitment committees and investment bankers.


  • Purposeful communications that enhance investor understanding, inform, and build trust.
  • Sell-side/Buy-side due diligence and targeting. Consistent messaging across all stakeholders: owners, managers, developers, investors, guests, and employees.
  • Build M&A and strategic alternatives pro-forma analyses.
  • Build corporate models, forecast, stress test and sanity check assumptions.
  • Analyze competitor disclosure within the context of the broader industry.
  • Identify revenue enhancement and cost control opportunities. 
  • Develop processes, procedures, and reward systems to maximize profitability.
  • Articulate the executive team’s vision in a way on-site teams can understand, embrace, and act upon.

Corporate Communications

    • Consistent messaging across all stakeholders – owners, managers, developers, investors, guests, and employees.
    • Reputation Management strategies to improve perception in the marketplace. 
    • Through strategic storytelling and relationship development, have your story heard through traditional and out of the box PR tactics. 
    • Our approach to hospitality marketing goes beyond a static post on social media. Our 360-degree strategy not only garners you valuable impressions but also results in earned content further supporting your global brand and resorts within your portfolio. 
    •  Turn your marketing dollars into trackable revenue from ancillary revenue and direct bookings.
    • National and regional reach through event and experiential marketing and promotions.

If you want to:

  • Gain insightful, bespoke, confidential, and timely consulting work with a long-term or full-time commitment.
  • Vet, model, or price a transaction
  • Be proactive, persuasive and judicious in your investor communications
  • Ensure consistent messaging across Investor Relations, Marketing, Public Relations and Corporate Communications
  • Bolster employee engagement